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Before the Ball night (Demetrius, Chief Gregorius)

WHO: Demetrius, Chief Gregorius
WHAT: Demetrius and his father talk before Demetrius goes to the Capulets' Ball
WHERE: Chief Gregorious' house
WHEN: Afternoon before the Ball
STATUS: Incomplete

Demetrius figured he had to stop combing his hair. He couldn't make it any better than it was. Should he wear a hat? Or not? He thought about it and decided that because it was a masked ball, he should make himself slightly less recognisable by not wearing his hat.

He looked at his mirror image for a while, felt satisfied, and then reached out and took his mask that was lying on the table. It was shiny and silvery. He put it on, and observed the effect. It looked strange, but still damn fine, didn't it? Surely he'd be able to charm anyone he liked... Surely...

He sat down on his bed, took off the mask and started fingering it nervously. He knew that the one he had to charm was Hermia, and for some reason, it wasn't working out quite as well as he hoped. As in, it wasn't working out at all, and that wasn't good. Okay, their parents were pressing for the match and surely she'd just give in eventually. But Demetrius couldn't help getting the feeling that Hermia could make marriage damn uncomfortable for him if she didn't like it. So he'd have to make her like it. But how? He tried, but she seemed to prefer Lysander. Blasted Lysander. What did he have that Demetrius didn't?

Most other girls were so easy. But for some reason Hermia wasn't. Demetrius tried to think that if he kept trying, surely she'd fall for his charms eventually. But sometimes he worried. She seemed so persistently against him. Why couldn't she be more like the others? Just to think of how easily her friend Helena had fallen into his bed... Easily enough to be a nuisance now that she wanted to get back into it and thought that they ought to be in some kind of a relationship. Good God... Why were girls so difficult sometimes?
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